Trading is an ingame mechanic in the Dinosaur Simulator trading Map. It has been added for the purpose of players being able to switch skins through trades. This has been useful as it gives some players a chance to get limited time skins that are no longer available. However, there has been some concerns for this mechanic as many players have lost their skins due to scamming or hacks. It is important for one to think good for a while before sending a trade or accepting one. It is also advised that if you don't know how trading works, you should not mention it out loud nor should you be trading to avoid being scammed.

How to Trade Edit

Trading works through a simple process in which you must first convert your skins into tokens:

  • 1) Start by clicking the Trading Menu tab on the bottom left corner of your screen.
  • 2) An ingame menu will pop up. go to the top right corner of it and click the "Convert" Tab.
  • 3) Then, click on the empty box in the middle of the screen that has a button under it that says "Convert Dino/Skin to Token"
  • 4) Select the skin you want to convert then click "Convert Dino/Skin to Token" Button.
  • 5) your Skin will be Convert into a token. Continue this process to convert more skins.

To Trade:

  • 1) Click on the "Request Trade" and then select a players name on the left side of the menu.
  • 2) Select one of the 5 empty boxes on the bottom row to see what skins the player has convert to tokens.
  • 3) Choose the skins you want from this player.
  • 4) Click on one of the 5 empty boxes on the top row to select your skins that you are going to trade for the other players skins.
  • 5) click send and then wait for the player to either accept or decline your trade.

To See if anyone has sent trades to you:

  • 1) Click on the Incoming Trades Tab in the top middle of the trading menu.
  • 2) If someone has sent you a trade, a box should appear in the menu of this tab.
  • 3) if someone has sent you a trade, click on the details button to see the trade.
  • 4) Think carefully about the trade. There should be 2 rows a top row and bottom row. the top row is what the player is offering to give you, the botton row is what the player is requesting to give you.
  • 5) If the trade only has the boxes on the bottom with skins and nothing in the top row, imedietly click the red decline button the trade and tell whoever sent you the offer to go f@#k him/her self.
  • 6) if the offer is good or is what you want, click the green accept button to accept the offer.

How to Know if an Offer is Good Edit

A good offer is when either the person is offering you more value than for what they requesting or when both items in the trade is equal value. Here are examples of some good, equal trades:

Offer: Fantasy Quetzalcoatlus

Request: Abrasive Giganotosaurus

Reason: This is Fair Trade because both skins are not limited time only, thereby giving it a value equal to its cost in DNA. In this case, both skins costed 3120 DNA, thus giving them both an equal value.

Offer: Sauroposeidon Plush

Request: Spinosaurus Plush

Reason: In this case, both skins only costed 500, but are very rare considering they come from plush eggs which gives a random plush skin, some rarer than others. Here, both Skins are the same rarity, thus giving them Both Equal Value.

Now here are some examples of bad and terrible Trades:

Offer: Nothing

Request: Headlessaurus, Mayhem triceratops, Domitor Tyrannosaurus

Reason: You can already tell why.

Offer: Hothead Megavore

Request: Megavore

Reason: Heres a trade that bugged me. There are many reasons why this trade isnt equal, but the big one is that you cant use the hothead skin without the megavore thus rendering it useless. also, the hothead megavore isnt limited time only which only gives it a value of 5000 DNA; its cost price.

Offer: Domitor Tyrannosaurus

Request: Headlessaurus

Reason: Headlessaurus is a limited time skin while the domitor is not. Because of this, one may just DNA farm to buy domitor but can no longer get a headless thru anyway other than trading.

How to Identify and Avoid Scams Edit

No one likes to be scammed, so heres how to tell if someone is a scammer or if a certain trade is a scam:

  • If an Admin yells out to Give Him Free Dinosaurs or get banned, or if he says He's going to give Free Megavore or Albino Terror if you Give him Free Skins, Tell Him to go Be an Lying Scammer Somewhere Else.
  • Admins Should Already Have All Skins Unlocked And Wouldn't Need Free Skins Nor can They Ban you For Not Giving them Free Dinosaur Skins.
  • Admins Can't Ban you for Killing them as Dinosaurs. Killing and hunting is Basically what this game is about so think logically about getting banned for Following the guidelines for gameplay. You may think that this is already Obvious, but I am saying this Because theres always an exception to eveything and there are stupid people who fall for this. I actually witness this as a friend of my said he was working with chicken engineer on this game and said to someone who killed him that he was gonna get him banned. This guy actually Believed it and actually went to the group chat wall for the game and was begging chickenengineer to please not ban him cause he didnt knew this guy was admin and he is very sorry. True Story.
  • Admins dont go around showing off nor do they send trades with many request and no offers.
  • If someone is doing the "Wheel spin" be very cautious about participating. The wheel spin or "Spin the Wheel" is Basically Where you said a Skin to said person, and he will randomly select one of his dinosaurs and send that to you. Sometimes, these players are honest, but more often than not they are scammers. this wheel spin is very easy way to scam and there are multiple ways scammers use this tactic:
  • They attempt to get as many people to participate at once with all of them sending Skins at the same time. Once the Scammer collects all the free skins, they leave and join another trading map to repeat the process.
  • Sometimes, the scammer does send another Skin back , but also "goes against the rules". Sometimes they lure in players with their Good skins and say that the better the skin you send, the more chance you have to win a better skin. but usually they dont actually spin anything at all or randomly select a skin. they just instead select one of their lesser skins and pretend that the player just got "unlucky".
  • A way to do a scam-proof Spin the wheel is by saying which skin your going to send, having the other player then spin and tell you what you won, then finally you send a trade with the dino you said you were gonna send and request your prize.
  • Never do a "Send the most Dinos for Free *rare dino/skin*". This is a straight up scam since you dont know who else has sent dinos nor how many skins or how good are the skins. this gives an advantage to the scammer as he can lie about someone sending him some really good dinos when in reality, noone has sent him a trade yet. Also even if someone does win the supposed "free" skin, usually the losers who have sent skins dont get a refund.
  • If your new to the trading map, NEVER accept free skins trade that include skins or dinosaurs that you already own. Usually, They are not giving you free skins, but actually requesting skins from you without offering anything. so dont accept these trades unless you know the order of which one of the boxes is for requests and offer.
  • If someone Sends you trades requesting dinos and not offering anything multiple times, this person is most likely untrustworthy and you should be cautious when trading with said player.

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