Tusoteuthis(Two-so-too-thihs) is rather powerful for its price, with fairly high damage and speed; however, its attacks are slow, it has no defense which is in understandable, and terrible health. It is the fastest marine animal in the game, tied by the Ichthyosaurus. Health and defense, however, are underwhelming and non-existent respectively, doubtless as a result of its soft skin. In the same vein as Mayhem Egg dinosaurs, it changes its color by roaring (Pressing R or 1/AoE), though it's entire body changes instead of a certain portion as in the Mayhem dinos. This isn't very useful but works in some extremely rare examples (intimidation.)

In Game

It is most infamous for the glitch it is able to carry out, known typically as squid-glitch or any variation on that name. The "hackers" performing it are commonly known as "ground hackers", "ground haxers", as well as "ground glitchers". By putting the squid head first against a vertical surface, switching the camera to face outside the map and then scrolling into first-person the Tusoteuthis may appear on the other side of the map. It's been patched since. Whilst possible before, this glitch is easiest to carry out with a Tusoteuthis.

As a result of this, individuals have been going under the map, putting a nest there and spawning under the map as a Mosasaurus, whose large model though not visually, allows them to hit dinosaurs on standard elevation from beneath the ground.

This is not impossible to counter; Baros with their AOE can, other large AOE dinos can hit the under-map attackers, but the best counter for this is to simply move to higher ground, which works most of the time.


Its default color is a pale red, with long tentacles with black hooks on two of them. It has two fins on its head which it uses to swim along with large glowing pink eyes and a black beak between its tentacles. It looks a lot like a modern-day Humboldt squid. Its model is a bit blocky. It still has quite an appealing design.

Tusoteuthis was a large squid native to Cretaceous oceans which hunted large fish and the occasional small marine reptile while being preyed on by large marine reptiles like Tylosaurus proriger. The Tusoteuthis was an unusually large Cephalopod (the group that contains octopi, squids, and cuttlefish), being an alike size to the Architeuthis in the modern world. Recent studies, however, suggest that it was much more closely related to Vampire Squids, this means it did not have the Humboldt squid-like look as in the game. (Vampyroteuthis infernalis).

Real Life Tusoteuthis