Underwater Grove

The Underwater grove consists of underwater mountains, canyons, caves, and some coral. The grove has several points in the map in which it emerges to ground level and forms several lakes. The Underwater grove has several different types of fish in it, these provide food for marine reptiles in-game.


  • Lakes do freeze, take this into consideration if you are using semi-aquatic dinosaurs. You might want to focus on the season as to not be below the water when it freezes, this would result in drowning.
  • As land dinosaurs often have little oxygen, it is possible you may become trapped and drown if you are using a land dinosaur.
  • There are several glitches that can kill you. One of them is getting flung deep into the ocean and drowning.
  • The underwater grove is the only water source in the map (considering the lakes)
  • The grove also holds the largest underwater mountains, the others being above-ground mountains
  • The Underwater grove is usually scarcely populated and can be considered a great place for aging up water dinosaurs (and the only place).

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