Below are some confirmed skins, made by the Developers that will be added in the future. It is unclear for when some of the skins/animals will release, but all we know is that they are somewhat confirmed. All my sources and information is from the Dinosaur Simulator discord server. This page is up to date as of : November 29th, 2017.

New Dinos

Chicken's Devsaur by Supernob123 (Coming soon)

New Remake Models

Utahraptor V2 by Koekjeszijnlekker (Coming soon)

Coelophysis V2 by Koekjeszijnlekker (Coming soon)

Futalognkosaurus V2 by servez_2build (Coming soon)

Saurophaganax V2 by Koekjeszijnlekker (Coming soon)

Tyrannosaurus Rex V4 by Koekjeszijnlekker (Coming soon)

New Skins and Skin Remakes

Fantasy Quetzalcoatlus V2 by servez_2build and Haxorua

Abrasive Giganotosaurus V2 by ???

Kaiju remakes: (Kaiju Quetzalcoatlus, Kaiju Spinosaurus and Kaiju Baryonyx are the only ones to have been revealed at the moment) by servez_2build and Mr_Fantasia

Giant Albino Baryonyx Remake by ???



Galactic Acrocanthosaurus


Fossil T-Rex


Fossil Baryonyx(was originally thought to be a Spinosaurus)