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aka Gardy

  • I live in In TREY the Explainer's basement.
  • I was born on November 18
  • My occupation is Paleontology,zoology,cryptozoology
  • I am I'm a Australian Liaoningosaurus with an addiction to memes and a male -_-
  • Annoying Gardevoir342651

    So recently one of the people on the Unhatched Games Discord Server had announced that DS will be getting 5 new creatures or skins, what do you think these creatures and skins be?


    • GAB remake?
    • Utahraptor remodel perhaps?
    • Futalognkosaurus maybe?
    • Onchopristis?
    • Cockatrice Giganoraptor?
    • Finally Kaiju Quetz?


    • Nothosaurus?
    • Tupandactylus?
    • Psittacosaurus?
    • Dakotaraptor?
    • Yacarerani?
    • Cardabiodon?

    What we got in the update:

    • Iguanodon remodel.
    • Ichthyosaurus remodel.
    • Fantasy Quetzalcoatlus remodel.
    • Onchopristis remodel.
    • New nest models.
    • Hatzegopteryx reanimation.
    • Coelacanth reanimation.
    • New AOE Attack effect.

    My overall opinion about the update: I really love this update since it gave us nice looking remodels of rather "useless" and underused creatures as…

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  • Annoying Gardevoir342651

    Ok, so I want to tell you guys about what images you should add to the In Real Life page. Now, I'll give a couple of points on this Blog. Hope that ya'll will understand this.

    Now this is a really common theme in paleoart and now, what in the name of Trey is "Shrink-wrapping"? Well, let me explain. Shrink-wrapping is a paleomeme which circles around portraying most prehistoric vertebrates as basically skeletons with a small amount of skin and other soft tissue wrapped on them. Most of the time the pelvic bone and holes in the head will be visible. This is NOT a good way to restore prehistoric animals even if they look cooler. Animals of modern day have lots of soft tissue in places that nobody thought they would have it just by looking at ske…

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  • Annoying Gardevoir342651

    Help me

    November 24, 2017 by Annoying Gardevoir342651

    I for some unknown reason can't play DS and some other games for a month now, may someone explain how to fix this or why does this occur?

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    Wiki Art

    September 20, 2017 by Annoying Gardevoir342651

    Hello everyone, it is me Gardy with yet another blog post about art! This time I won't make art for this game but instead for the In Real Life Tabs of this Wiki. I want to make some "decent" art and simply reconstruct the animals. I need to say that I will include feathers/pycnofibres on most of the archosaur that i'll be drawing and don't worry, I'll spare the Crocs.....for now...I mean, I am a Feather Nazi after all so I need to restore a sauropod or whatever with at least some feathers. Most of these reconstructions will look pretty fat because in most cases we don't know how much fat and tissue was on these animals, so expect throat pouches, inflating balloons or fat necks and sausage Carnos. I will include a big amount of feathers on …

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    September 9, 2017 by Annoying Gardevoir342651


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