The fast animals of this game are mostly scavengers,letting them escape from predators with ease. And sometimes they have a very small amount of damage (not including Deinocheirus,Ceratosaurus,Gigantoraptor or Achillobator) wich makes them pretty balanced with the "Pay your Health,Damage for Speed" thing. Some of the fast things in this game are scavengers but some are predators! Take Achillobator,Baryonyx or Troodon for examples:they all have good,great or decent speed and are not scavengers but predators hunting in packs or hunting down smaller prey. Tell me, which one is the best one by your opinion! (btw in my opinion it's the Gigantoraptor or the Deinocheirus since one can swim and both of them have good looking models and have decent Damage and good Speed)

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