A Gallus Island fanfiction by me :3

The boat suddenly appeared on the beautiful ocean.

" It worked! " cried the Captain, shielding his eyes from the bright sun. Some other people climbed out the cabin. Sure enough, on land, they saw hundreds of dinosaurs, all shapes and sizes. They steered to land, talking happily.

" Years ago, people thought time machines were impossible! " said one. 

" But now we've got a BOAT that can time travel! " said another, grinning as they moved towards the shore. The air was full of roars and screeches of dinosaurs.

Suddenly, the water stirred near their boat and everything fell silent.

Huge, ferocious Baros and Brevis tore away from the water with the rest of the dinosaurs.

" Heh, we must have really scared tho- " 

A massive creature rose from the water. They recognised it as a Megavore, a rare type of dinosaur, but this one was HUGE. It's big black claws sliced holes in the boat easily. There was a hungry, furious look in it's 4 small purple eyes. The boat sank. No fish dared touch the human's corpses, and the mega clambered onto land. The only living thing left in sight was a  small pheonix who  didn't understand the danger.                                                                               It did now.

The mega chased it far across the land, until they got to a cave with some water in. The pheonix, getting tired, fled through the large tunnels of the cave, the megavore ripping out one or two feathers along the way. They got to a dead end, and the pheonix was dead. Not even eating it's prey, the Megavore trotted away. Some lone Pteranodons flew high up, landing on trees to stare and screech at this huge beast. The dinosaurs were starting to come back now, but fled again when they saw him returning. A giganotosaurus fled into the waterfall pond in a blind attempt to get away, roaring and bellowing as it struggled to swim.

Megavores, of course, are born swimmers. This time it did eat the corpse, but it left the bones. Again, no fish dared to touch them, and no fish dares to touch them to this day.

The end

Might add some pictures later, this is what I think happened to the dead pheonix in the cave, sunken ship, and skeleton in the water. Originally thought it was some sort of huge crocodile, but my friend thought it was a mega, and I realized that was a lot more likely.