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  • Ebioul

    1. Play as the dinosaur you need to get an image of. It's best if you get the dinosaur to adult as it'll give you a bigger model to use which will make the image editing much easier.

    2. Go to a place with a solid colour like the ocean. This makes it easier to make the image transparent since you'll be able to delete the whole background with 2 clicks if the colour is solid enough. If the dinosaur you're using is a similar colour to the ocean, try going to a sandy place.

    2a. If you're going to the ocean, make sure to place something like a nest above the water so you can stand on it while having a blue background. Choose either the normal nest or the leaf nest - whichever one contrasts more with the colour of the dinosaur chosen.

    3. Once you've reacheā€¦

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  • Ebioul

    Blog Post For Badge

    March 22, 2017 by Ebioul

    I wish the main map was the default again

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