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  • Fabo888

    Hello to the Dino Simulator community, I'm back with an updated tutorial on how to get the most DNA possible with this new system in place. What do I do with the growth rate? For more info on what the growth rate is, look into the Growth Rate Multiplier Chart.

    1. Grow to elder and keep going forever.
    2. Grow to adult and then reset.
    3. Grow to juvenile and then reset.

    On this graph, option 1 is shown in red, option 2 is shown in blue and option 3 is shown in green. From day 1 to day 36, the points show the total amount of DNA you would receive if you were to follow that path.

    This graph is set for a 1x growth dinosaur, meaning any dinosaurs with a 1 by the growth rate. Other dinosaurs will work differently. I'll work on one for Baro since I know people …

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  • Fabo888

    Dinosaurs Worth Eldering

    March 16, 2017 by Fabo888

    This is purely my own opinion. You're entitled to yours as well.

    When you get end level in the game, it's always good to have a couple of go-to eldered dinosaurs to play with, in case you get in a battle or something similar. 

    Good dinosaurs to level:





    Albino Terror (If you've got it)

    Megavore (If you've got it)



    I'll add more later. 

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  • Fabo888

    How to Farm for DNA

    August 30, 2015 by Fabo888

    As of whenever the ROBLOX auto-timeout update came out, this method of going AFK is not as effective. The game itself also was updated since this guide was written. I have no intentions of re-writing a guide for the current map and DNA system as of now. This may still be useful but there are more effective ways out there. 

    Hello, I'm fabo888 and after getting into the mathematical aspect of Dinosaur Simulator I've figured out the most effective method of farming for DNA to get that 2k dino skin you want, or to just unlock the big 750 dinos. 

    If you have any questions feel free to message me on ROBLOX, where I'm under the same name. 

    DNA is the game's regular currency, used to unlock most things. DNA is gathered as follows:

    • 1 DNA every day for …

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