How to Farm for DNA (2017 Edition)

Hello to the Dino Simulator community, I'm back with an updated tutorial on how to get the most DNA possible with this new system in place. What do I do with the growth rate? For more info on what the growth rate is, look into the Growth Rate Multiplier Chart.

DNA Methods
  1. Grow to elder and keep going forever.
  2. Grow to adult and then reset.
  3. Grow to juvenile and then reset.

On this graph, option 1 is shown in red, option 2 is shown in blue and option 3 is shown in green. From day 1 to day 36, the points show the total amount of DNA you would receive if you were to follow that path.

This graph is set for a 1x growth dinosaur, meaning any dinosaurs with a 1 by the growth rate. Other dinosaurs will work differently. I'll work on one for Baro since I know people play that most often, but for now this will do.

The graph seems to be even from day 1 to day 4. At day 5, juvenile method loses its place, but hops back up on day 6. It remains in the lead until day 9, when adult method takes the lead. Elder method takes the lead on day 10 and keeps it until day 12, then gets it back on 14 and holds it up until day 17. Adult method holds onto the lead until day 23, where it is taken by elder method until day 27. At day 28, elder method takes and keeps the lead. 

What this means is that in the long run, keeping a dinosaur an elder is always the best option. With the addition of saving dino stats since my last blog post about this, it's incredibly easy. 

Can't fight against a pack of albino terrors? Buy a private server for 150 R$, or borrow a friend's. 

200 R$ gets you 650 DNA from the DNA purchasing menu. In a 150 R$ private server where getting killed is nearly impossible as long as you check back every so often, 34 in-game days on the elder method, or 119 minutes (2 hours) gets you 670 DNA. Split up, that's 4 minutes a day. 


Find a private server or get good at the game cause elder method is the best. 

Also, for anyone who complains that using a private server is "taking the fun out of the game", that's fine. You can collect DNA on a public server. All I'm offering is the most efficient way to collect DNA to be able to show off cool skins when you go to play with your friends.