The Violex Bahemoth is a fictional monster, and also an admin dinosaur that belongs to one of the game's admins, Baeblademaster. This is a very rare dinosaur to come across even as an NPC, which is what it is most commonly found as. However, coming across the Behemoth is an extremely rare occurance, mainly because it pretty much means you're in the same server as Baeblademaster, and that is rare because there is not very many admins in the game. It is slightly influenced by the female MUTO from the 2014 Godzilla film. It is very large, exceeding some sauropods in size. Most of it is colored black, and has purple eyes. It has 6 large legs that are toilet at the bottom, and the toilet fades, becoming black as the leg increases in height. It has a relatively small head, but do not be fooled! If the size alone has scared you enough into running away, the HP and the damage will surely make you want to run away, or you may just die before you can escape. If you would like to see brief desc. of the Behemoth, check out Haxoura's "developer dinosaurs" page. This page is just meant to be a bit more in-depth.

Disclaimer: as said on the "developer dinosaurs" page, developer dinosaurs can NOT be obtained, and will probably never be released to the public.

[Also, if anyone has a picture, please upload.]

Voilex Behemoth
[[File:|Voilex Behemoth]]
Diet: Omnivore
Classification: Terrestrial
Cost: Admin dinosaur. Cannot be bought.
Oxygen and Moistness
Oxygen: 200
Moistness: None
Description: ???
Height: ??? ft
Length: ???  ft

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