Diet: Carnivorous
Classification: Terrestrial
Cost: 500
Health: Health:

Baby- 180 Elder- 1080

Damage: Attack:

Baby- 25 Elder- 150

Defense: 10: Defense
Oxygen and Moistness
Oxygen: 10
Moistness: None

The Yutyrannus was a medium sized tyrannosaurid closely related to Tyrannosaurus. Discovered in 2012, Yutyrannus lived during the Early Cretaceous about 124,6 million years ago.


It lived in China, in the Yixian Formation which was also the home of Psittacosaurus, Beipiaosaurus, Mei and other very bird like dinosaurs, mammals and some sauropods. The Yutyrannus was one of the first tyrannosaurids discovered with a fluffy coat of proto-feathers which possibly served in thermo-regulation, mating dances or camouflage, it is also thought to live in cold climates. It looks like a super floofed t rex. It costs 500 DNA and was released 15th of August 2017 along with Machimosaurus and Galactic skins.

Gameplay and Strategy

The in-game Yutyrannus is a medium-sized Carnivore along the lines of the Carnotaurus as far as playstyle goes. The unique roars of the Yutyrannus were implemented together with the dinosaur, not later as with most creatures. This may be because of how much the Yutyrannus was requested by the DS fanbase.  This meat-eater's playstyle is a lot like the Carnotaurus, running around and scavenging and hunting small and medium prey, but Yutyrannus can use it's bigger jaw size as an advantage to easily grab prey. This works particularly good for those small Triceratops babies that are hard to hit.

The grip of this feathered theropod is apparently very strong, and grabbed prey can't escape as usual by wriggling around and jumping.


The Yutyrannus roar is a cracking,low-pitched resonating roar. The roars are also identical to another roblox dinosaur game's Carnotaurus roar,Primal Life, now known as Era of Terror. Sadly, the Carnotaurus of Era of Terror was removed for some reason.

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